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Kids House Beds

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Kids House Beds & Montessori Floor Beds

Kids spend almost half of the day sleeping. It is not surprising as they need it to get energy for a new day. Proper sleep is an essential factor for their healthy development. However, they can get it only when the right conditions are delivered. There are several basic rules to consider. First of all, the furniture for your kid needs to be safe. It should be made from safe materials and does not contain any risks for a child's health. Comfort and convenience are essential as well. It emphasizes the importance of mattress safety and comfort.
After ensuring the mentioned basic rules you can look for creating a lovely and charming kid's room. There are various styles you can design your little one's room. One of the beautiful options is to opt for Scandinavian aura in the room. This style delivers a minimalistic approach to the place. However, simplicity does not mean less.  house bed is a perfect example of that. Their marvellous design creates a fairytale world in a kid's bedroom. They have a simple and single coloured design. However, it gives you more chance to personalize it by decorating with additional accessories. By hanging some lights or garlands you can add extra beauty to your kid's tipi bed.
Another unique point of these is they are coming as floor beds. The reason behind is the Montessori approach. Scandinavian kids design supports the idea of giving child freedom of movement in the room. The Montessori approach requires to design a kid's room where a kid will not need assistance from adults. They are beneficial at this point for being a floor bed that allows children to get in and out of bed anytime. Some parents worry about the risk of falling during sleep. However, the height is extremely low for any risk. Yet, you can guarantee by putting carpets, cushions or towels to soften the surrounding. Moreover, there are some models with a built-in guardrail that will abolish all your worryings. Your kid will get used to Montessori beds too fast. (Find out more about Montessori approach in bringing up children)
One of Scandinavian design's core rules is to make a product from natural elements. Kids House beds are not an exclusion. The products offered in the range are all made wooden made and painted with safe materials. They will be in perfect harmony with the rest of the furniture items with Scandinavian design. Some models come with storage solutions. You can find the ones with a bottom drawer where you can place the personal belongings of your kid.
If you are looking for bed & storage or need a bed for a sibling then our range of bed with trundle could be a nice solution with both looks Scandi modern and provide you extra bed in the same size as main on or just an extra space for bedding storage.
All our house frame beds come in a variety of colours and sizes. The most popular colour is white and the best selling size is kids single bed (190x90cm) but if your kid needs a space we can make a double floor bed for him/her

Check our collection to find the best matching model. At Kiddic, we present you wide collection of floor frame beds for children made from high-quality products at affordable prices.

Popular Questions & Answers

Q: What is the Montessori Approach?

A:  Montessori Method of Education, developed by Maria Montessori, is a child-centred educational approach based on scientific observations of children. Montessori's method has been used for over 100 years in many parts of the world. When it is about room decoration it's about creating a space that is truly their own with everything in reach and accessible to them. Their bed is at their level and it's a place they can crawl into whenever they feel like they need a break. Their clothes are at their level so they can partake in outfit changes. The Montessori Method stresses independence, freedom for the child (within limits), and respect for the child’s development.

Some Benefits as followingChildren Naturally Learn Self-Discipline, Room Environment Teaches Order, Facilitate the Learning Experience, Method Inspires Creativity.

Q: Are all your furniture made from Solid Wood?

A: Most of our furniture is made by Solid Wood or Wood & MDF. You will get a 24-month guarantee for the furniture you purchased at kiddic. They are hand made to the highest standard

Q: What are the mattress sizes?

A: We have different sizes in this range according to your choice.
80x160 cm Toddler Size
90x190 cm UK Single
90x200 cm Euro Single.
120x190 cm Small UK Double
135x190 cm UK Double

Most of our beds come without the mattress however if you want kids or toddler bed sets then we can offer you a bundle deal on the bed frame and mattress

Q: What Ages for? 

A: The kid’s beds are also suitable for teen ages. The kids from 3-14 can easily sleep and even the parents can lay next to them for a goodnight kiss. 

Q: Are your kids' beds with storage available in Stock?

A: Some of the products is available in the stock however many of them are handmade items which we are making in 2-4weeks and deliver to the client in overall 3-6 weeks. If the specific is available in stock then you will get it in 5-10 days as we advertised on our official Website.