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  1. Zara White Cot Bed With A Scandi Tocuh
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  2. Motessori Toddler's House Frame Bed With Barriers
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  3. 3 in 1 Cot Bed & Chest Of Drawers With Dresser
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  4. Stavvy Cot Bed in Grey or Cream
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  5. Wooden House Cot Toddler Bed
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Find your Perfect Cot Bed With 

Whether it is your first or your fifth, welcoming a new baby into your home is a joyous and special occasion. Preparing your baby bedroom is a thoughtful process that you undertake with love and care, and selecting each item of furniture is something that you will want to research and spend time thinking about.

There are thousands of different cot beds on the market, and choosing between them is a big decision that every parent needs to make. How can you choose between different styles, colours, finishes and sizes? First of all, you need to think about the design aesthetic of your nursery – are you going for soft and dreamy, or bright and cheerful? Maybe you want something a bit more traditional, or you’re going for a bright and modern design? No matter what kind of look and feel you want your baby’s room to have, Kiddic has a wide range to choose from.

While you might have spent a lot of time thinking about the colour scheme, design ethos and overall feeling of your baby’s nursery, safety has got to be your number one priority. Baby cots are not all created equal – some meet much higher safety standards than others. At Kiddic, we only sell cots that meet or exceed the most rigid European Union standards, meaning that they are the safest options on the market today. When your baby is sleeping, we want them to be completely safe so that you can rest easy as well. After all, every minute of sleep is important when you have a new baby!

As your baby makes the transition from babyhood into his or her toddler years, they will need a bed that will make the transition with them. With a convertible cot bed, you don’t have to spend time searching for a new piece of nursery furniture when your child hits the age that they need a ‘big boy or big girl’ bed. A convertible cot bed grows with your little one, meaning that when the time comes to make the change, you already everything you need on hand.

Kiddic has one of the widest ranges of Scandinavian baby furniture in Europe. Sleek lines, eye-catching designs, attractive colours and everything you need to create a nursery that will nurture and inspire your little one. We are also a great source of furniture followed by Montessori approach including Montessori cot beds and nursery and toddler storage furniture. This is an adventure of a lifetime, and we want to be with you every step of the way. We do this by offering the best customer service in the business, including free shipping anywhere in the United Kingdom on any order over £99.

You have a lot of your hands right now as you prepare for your new bundle of joy – you have many long nights ahead of you, and so preparing your nursery should be as easy as possible. We have a no quibble return policy, and our baby furniture experts are always on hand to answer any question or deal with any concern you might have.

Personalize your cot bed - We offer a number of personalizations to make your nursery look. You can add a wooden star with your little one's name, or buy a baby cot with name badges or stickers. You can also create your little one's name from our letters or make a memories wall with one of our beautiful frames. Thanks to that you and your little one would feel the great atmosphere of the place. 

Don’t risk ordering a cheap cot from China or abroad – you might get a good price now, but in the long run, you are potentially buying an inferior product that has many safety hazards. Don’t risk it – only buy your nursery furniture from a trusted source like Kiddic.

Most Popular Questions & Answers:

Is it worth buying a convertible cot bed?

If it has removable sides and end panel it can convert to a toddler bed. Convertible designs are now more popular than ever, even with their slightly higher price; which is by no means is worth it. An advantage of convertible one is it will last with you for a longer period of time, hence you will not regret the price you invested in buying it. Also, a cot bed assists your children to have an easy transition once he/she grows older to be ready for a regular bed

How to choose the best mattress?

You desire matters that going to help your baby to have a good and safe night's sleep, comfortable, and a mattress that will last for as long as you need it. Regardless of the price, you need a flat and firm mattress with waterproof protection to ensure protection and cleanness. Another aspect is assessing the durability of the mattress to find out how much the cot bed mattress will support your baby’s body over timeInstead of waterproof ones, you can go for breathable one with a washable cover. Also, you should think of what is made as there are foam & coco straw, foam, foam/sprung and fully sprung.  At Kiddic we offer high elastic foam mattresses to all our cot bed sizes (60x120 and 140x70) or sprung ones. You can also buy a cot bed without the mattress and stock one elsewhere as our sizes are standard ones.

When is the best time to decorate the nursery?

There are a lot of things to do when planning for the arrival of your lovely one. From breaking the joyful news, picking a name, and the eventual adjustment to changes of both body and mind; and it goes without saying, preparation of the nursery. The time when you should begin the journey is the second trimester, according to many of newly moms’ forums. Since this is the time when the mother has familiarized her body and mind with pregnancy. It is important not to make the cot bed purchase in the last week as if any fails to happen it will cause a lot of extra and unnecessary stress. 

What is the importance of baby cot with an adjustable base mattress? What do you need to know?

(a)The main idea behind adjustable height is practicality. Instead of bending over to reach for your baby, which places much strain on your back, in the long run, this functionality assists the parents in so many ways.

(b)When your baby is small, the mattress sits on the highest base level for the first months, so you can lift your baby in and out easily. The manual usually points out that the lowest position is the safest and should always be used as soon as your baby starts to move about a bit and pulls themselves up, which can be about eight months old.  

Do I have to assemble the furniture?

Assembling your little one's bed on your own is always a good idea, aside from being a fun activity; you personally make sure that it is tightly secured and safe for your baby. It might not be an easy task, so you may want to follow these steps to get the job done perfectly:

1) Get the instructions right.      2) Ask for help when needed.

3) Use your judgement.             4) Use caution when you do the job.

All Baby Beds at kiddic comes flat packed and assembly is required, however no need to stress too much as full user manual is provided (sometimes video manual for further support) to assure you will go through the assembly process smoothly and without any hassle.

I have got carpet flooring. What type of drawer should I choose?

So you want the cot with drawer. Good idea... Soon you'll see storage is always needed and it is never enough...
Finding a drawer that fits perfectly in the carpeted floor a tough task. Obviously, you have to focus on functionality and compatibility with the floor. Additionally, it goes without saying you should pay attention if the design and colours fit. For example, a high-gloss drawer fits well with modern and retro designs. From the design/installation point of view, there are two types of cot drawer. The one with wheels and the one on rails. If your carpet is really soft you want the cot with a drawer you may have to consider the one with drawer attached to the cot. All the drawers on rails at kiddic are equipped with a soft close system as we do care of your little one's fingers and safety.

Cot or Cot Bed, What is the difference. Which should I choose?

Let’s starts with Cots; which vary in size, but are usually smaller and cheaper than cot beds, which have fixed sides (though some have a side that will drop down for ease of access to your baby), and there’s a wide choice of bedding available for them. The most difference between the two is mainly the size and price of each.

I am on a tight budget and looking for a cheap cot. What should I check before I make a choice?

UK prices start from £49.00 pounds and going up endlessly. We understand that sometimes family budget is tight and you can't really afford for massive spending on furniture. We believe we have got the best cot bed sale UK and quite impressive range of cheap cot beds online. What we will never do is to sell cots which quality is not so great or we doubt its safety. Luxury and budget cots at kiddic must be safe for the kids and this is something we can promise to all the mums! 

Where Can I find Furniture Reviews?

There are pages and portals specializing in cot reviews but most of the content they deliver is sponsored one. It is really hard to judge if the review is real or if it is part of the marketing strategy. We believe that the best cot bed reviewers are mums. If you buy a cot bed or nursery set at and want to write a valuable review reflecting on the furniture. You will provide us with the pictures or video together with a written article then we promise to publish that on in our user experience area as well as we will reward you with some freebies. If you are blogging mum or run a video blog Instagram profile and you wish to apply for a receiving our cot or crib for honest review please drop us an email and we will get back to you shortly. We reserve the right to decide if we send you the cot or not, however, we promise we won't try to influent on the review you will create. Why? Because we are sure to value for the money for our product is the UK's best and there is no better nursery shop than here at kiddic.

How to ensure my furniture is safe?

If you buy cot bed online no matter it is cot bed on sale UK or regular offer, no matter it is made in EU, UK or comes from far East it should comply to EU Safety regulations. . There is a European Standard EN 716-1:2017 which describes safety regulations and requirements for cot beds and baby beds with internal length (90-140 cm). Every cot sold across the UK should meet this standard. Even if you are on the market for budget cot please make sure the one you choose complies with this standard as your little one's safety is priceless.